By Creators, For Creators | Introducing the INLEO Ecosystem


INLEO is building a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. Our flagship application ( features a "twitter-like" feeling on Web3. The underlying architecture is built entirely on a blockchain, providing users with immutable digital identities.

What is an immutable digital identity?

It's a profile that can't be taken away, banned or otherwise shut down. This allows a supercharging of the consumer-creator experience to socialize like never before.

INLEO offers boundless opportunities whether one is:

  • looking to monetize content

  • build a personal or corporate brand

  • consume content

  • earn rewards

INLEO aims to be the hub for the next generation of social activities.

Digital Identity

Web3 is often misconstrued with NFTs, hype-cycles and other problematic "trends". To us, Web3 represents a new layer of the internet that democratizes ownership.

Web2 is commonly referred to as the "social media era" of the internet. In Web2, you have little control over your identity on the internet. Whether we accept it or not, we all now have a digital identity and a physical identity. Your digital self lives in all the data, consumption and interaction you have online. Companies have learned how to use this to build multi-billion dollar organizations through productizing user-generated content.

INLEO takes this model and rebuilds it at a fundamental level. Instead of a central corporation owning your data and profiting from your content, INLEO enables you to truly own your digital identity and benefit from the attention economy that is powered by creators on Monetizing content and platform ownership is just one piece of the puzzle. INLEO enables creators to own the entire stack through blockchain technology.

Our Mission

INLEO's mission is to build a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities.

Our Vision

Our Focus

Our focus is on creating a Web3 Ecosystem that enables our creators and users to own their digital identity while earning value capture-based rewards. What does this mean? Imagine if every user on Facebook earned a share in the value captured by Facebook. When you actively put value into the platform, you actively earn value back from the platform. That's how INLEO incentivizes creators and users to build the platform and engage with each other in meaningful ways. is the backbone of this entire project and it is the core application that we developed from the ground up and continue to develop and manage every single day. When you visit INLEO, you'll find it to be a familiar experience, on the surface. Dive deeper and you'll find many more layers to the platform. It's built entirely on blockchain technology but to the average user, you can't feel the difference.

This is our core development philosophy: build an experience that feels like Web2 but has the impact of Web3 running in the background. Owning your Digital Identity, earning rewards and deeply entrenched incentives.

We believe in Layer 0: Community. The community is everything and we're building a Web3 ecosystem where our growth is reliant on our ability to generate network effect and peer-to-peer adoption at scale.

INLEO Platform

The LEO Token Economy

Driven by powerful tokenomics and a unique Rewards Pool mechanism for incentivizing creators and users to generate monetizable attention. This is how we build a thriving platform that empowers creators to generate content that grows their personal brand while enhancing the platform and gaining ownership in it.

The value of UGC is no longer in the hands of a corporation, it's in the hands of each and every person adding to the platform.


Why Blockchain?

Creating Content on Rented Space

The sections above have talked about your digital identity, why it's important and how INLEO handles it differently than your standard Web2 platforms. When you create content on those platforms, you are creating content on rented space.

This is akin to living in an apartment with a landlord as opposed to owning your own house on your own piece of land. If you want to change anything in the apartment or if one day the landlord decides to raise your rent, add some new rules or even evict you, you have very little control and rights. The land isn't yours. Your space is rented.

The same goes for your digital identity. It's fine to use platforms on Web2 - in fact, many people do it with great success - but the fact remains that the space is rented. The landlord can evict you whenever they want. On INLEO, your digital identity is governed by blockchain private keys that only YOU control. It's like living on your own land. You decide what the rules are and how you live. Nobody can hold ownership rights of you.


Many like to focus on the monetary aspects of the platform. We obviously want to protray how important it is to own your space and not rent it. There are, however, many extra benefits to owning your space.

For example, your content is all tokenized when it's posted on INLEO. Whether you make a Thread or a Blog Post, you are eligible to earn rewards. Rewards are paid in the form of LEO on the platform. Users earn LEO by creating or interacting with content via the Rewards Pool. The Rewards Pool is built and supported by sustainable revenue models that capture the value of attention through Ads, Premium and Subscriptions to support the LEO Token Economy.

The New Reality

The younger generations have become deeply engrained in the internet and digital access. It's a part of their everyday lives. While talking about the Metaverse and all these crazy applications that may one day become reality might seem far off, we believe that the Metaverse is already here and that it is actively shaping itself around the intersection of our digital and physical lives today.

What we're seeing today is the rapid adoption of new technologies that connect our digital selves and our physical selves in a way that most never dreamed possible. We all have a digital life and a physical life and the advent of Web 3.0 will forever change the way we use the internet, participate in financial opportunities and engage with each other as human beings.

INLEO is today and will forever live on the bleeding edge of these technologies. Looking for opportunities grow our Monthly Active Users (MAUs) while building innovative applications with great UI/UX that further enhance the creator and user experience.

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