INLEO's Mission is to build a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. As reiterated many times throughout this doc, a key way to make this a "thriving creator economy" feasible is to build real revenue models. This means getting creative with how the platform can monetize attention and leverage those means to drive value to the LEO Token Economy.


Promoting Posts & Threads is a great way to monetize the desire for more attention. We all want more attention for various reasons. Some people want attention for the sake of attention, others want to build their personal brand and earn more rewards. Others might be Web3 companies who come to the INLEO platform (there are several already) looking to drive more brand engagement and build their following.

INLEO is a great resource for all of these people. Promoting certain Posts & Threads is a great way for these individuals to gain more access to attention on the platform.

How it Works

As of December 2023, the Post & Thread promotion dashboard is being rebuilt and is set to launch sometime in the next 6 weeks.

When it goes live, the Promotions tab will allow any logged-in user to promote any Thread or Blog Post. You can promote your own Threads/Posts or you can promote the Thread/Post of any other user.

Promoting a Post or Thread will make it appear higher in all of the various feeds with the organically created content. There is a "Promotion" system that mixes in Threads/Posts into the feeds. You'll see them indicated by a small "Promoted" text throughout the UI.

When you enter the dashboard, it's a very simple process:

  1. Select which content to promote

  2. View the Promotion Score of others (Promotion rankings are competitive and based on a Promotion Score, more details below)

  3. Choose how much to pay for promotion (collected as HBD stablecoin, LEO or HIVE)

  4. Choose how long to promote for (days)

  5. Choose "All Topics" or select based on topics

  6. Click "Pay" and within 10 minutes, you'll see your promoted content in the feeds!

Where Does the Money Go?

The earnings from Promotions go to the @leopool account which is the same account where the $10 per month in Premium Sub revenue goes. This account is governed by a smart contract that purchases LEO and HIVE in equal quantities whenever it reaches $500 in the account ($250 buys LEO, $250 buys HIVE). After purchasing this LEO and HIVE, it wraps the money to bLEO & bHIVE then provides bLEO-bHIVE liquidity to the Automated Market Maker pool on BSC. This liquidity sits permanently in the pool and is beneficial for a variety of reasons including entry/exit liquidity for stakeholders, increased potential trading fees for the bridges, etc.

Promotion Score

Content promotion on INLEO is a competitive system. Each promoted piece of content has a certain promotion score and that promotion score governs how high it ranks relative to other promoted content. Promoted content is seen every 6 places, mixed in with organic content. So a promoted piece of content will be seen in position 1, 7, 13, 19, etc. in the feeds.

Your promotion score will rank you higher in the feeds. Below, we've included the actual calculation of how it works. If you're curious, feel free to read on. Bear in mind that the UI calculates all of this for you. So while these docs give the raw backend info on how it all works, you can easily just promote content without understanding how it works, if you choose to just use it and not bother with the details.

Promotion score = (spend * topic multiplier) * day multiplier
  • Promotion Score is calculated from the above formula and determines your ranking in the feeds

  • Spend is the amount you spent to promote (HBD)

  • Topic Multiplier starts at 10x and is divided by the number of topics you choose (5 max). Each additional topic reduces the multiplier - 10x for 1, 5x for 2, 3.33x for 3 and so on. Promoting to all topics gives a 1x multiplier

  • Day Multiplier your score is essentially split between the days you choose to promote. So if you choose 1 day the day multiplier is 1. If you choose 2 days, it's 0.5. 3 days is 0.33 and so on

Talking about it sounds complex but our dashboard is designed to make it intuitive. You'll see all the scores clearly laid out and be able to easily decide from there how well you want your promoted content to rank.

Here's an Example. Let's say that there are currently 2 promoted Threads and you are looking to promote your own Thread. The other two promoted threads have:

  1. #1 paid 5 HBD to promote for 5 days and chose all topics

  2. #2 paid 2 HBD to promote for 5 days and chose 3 specific topics

  3. #3 (you) are looking to pay 6 HBD for 2 days and chose all topics

The score of Thread #1 = (5 * 1) * 0.2 = Promotion Score of 1.00 across all feeds on the UI

The score of Thread #2 = (2 * 3.33) * 0.2 = Promotion Score of 1.33 across the feeds of the chosen 3 topics on the UI

The score of Thread #3 (yours) = (6 * 1) * 0.5 = 3.00 across all feeds on the UI

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