2022 KPI Goals for LeoFinance

Community and Organization-Level Goals for the LeoFinance Project and Our KPIs as We Grow Our Web3 Ecosystem From the Ground Up

We have an incredible community on LeoFinance. One of the many fascinating aspects that Bitcoin brought to the world is having a global community of people who are deeply entrenched in the same mission.

With Bitcoin, network effect is vital. It's incentivized by the fact that every Bitcoiner also owns BTC. Inherently, they desire more people to join their "community" and also own Bitcoin even from the most selfish vantage point: more people owning BTC increases the value of the BTC they own.

Couple this with the innate human desire to have more people in your "tribe" believing the same things you believe and you can see why Bitcoin has managed to become one of the fastest growing technologies in the history of humanity.

LeoFinance: A Tribe With Entrenched Network Effects

In this sense, LeoFinance operates very similarly to Bitcoin. Every LeoFinance user wants LeoFinance to gain more users. It is simply in their best interest from all perspectives: we all want people to believe in the Web3 mission that we are pushing forward and by having more people buy into this vision, we're increasing the value of LEO.

That means that by adding new users to our community and keeping those users engaged, we're selfishly increasing the value of our stake in the network.

The network effect of a platform like Facebook was so incredibly powerful. It took over the world in just about a decade.

Now imagine that LeoFinance - with all the same social network effects of Facebook - bridges the gap between those network effects and financial network effects.

The combination of these two is incredibly powerful. It has the power to radically change the world for the better. Putting power back into the hands of "members of the Tribe" who are deeply incentivized on social and financial levels to grow the overarching platform.

KPIs and Goals

LeoFinance has a wide-range of Key Performance Indicators. Like many tokens, people tend to look at the price as one of the KPIs. Sure, this is a metric that everyone looks at (especially on the outside) but it is also just one metric. Not one that tends to be driven by fundamentals.

Our goal is to teach every LeoFinance user about the KPIs that drive our platform from a fundamental value perspective. In a world of abundance, bringing in more users, driving new traffic and increasing the KPIs of LeoFinance is how we'll see the platform grow into the Web3 ecosystem that we know it can be.


In 2022, the LeoFinance Team has set the following KPI targets. Our mission is to drive relentless toward these KPIs with all of our technological developments, marketing efforts and collaboration with LeoFinance community leaders on projects like LeoMarketTalk, LeoAlpha and LeoPedia.

Monthly Active Users:

As of this writing, LeoFinance's MAUs have been steadily increasing. We reached a major boom cycle (closely coinciding with the booming crypto market), reverted to the mean and now we're climbing steadily once again:

LeoFinance MAUs are tracked by looking for unique active accounts that posted on https://leofinance.io/. Obviously, our Web3 community is quite diverse and this is just one metric displaying actual content creators who are publishing content on LeoFinance specifically. This metric doesn't track any Curators, stakeholders, CubFinance users, etc.

That being said, this MAUs metric is still considered our #1 way to track the fundamental growth of the LeoFinance Web3 community. This is the primary metric we use to see that our reach is growing, our regular users are active and new community members are being onboarded.

We worked closely with the marketing team and our community leaders to come up with a goal that is both ambitious and highly achievable. As stated above, LeoFinance has exponential network effects from both social and financial perspectives.

By December 31st, 2022 LeoFinance is aiming to ~6x our MAUs to 5,000 MAUs publishing content on the platform. This might seem like quite the stretch, but if you've seen our growth in the past (starting, obviously from 0) we've grown exponentially in short timeframes.

We will closely monitor our month-to-month growth of MAUs and talk with community leaders and the marketing team to increase this metric relentlessly. It is our #1 goal moving into 2022.

LeoFinance Activity (Posts and Comments)

Activity on the LeoFinance UI is - similarly to MAUs - one of our primary metrics for tracking the activity and overall growth of our Web3 community. Our ambition is always to:

Expand the width and depth of our Web3 community

As you can see in these charts, we followed a major boom cycle right around the release of CubFinance. This boom led to a ridiculous level of growth for LeoFinance. So much growth, in fact, that our applications started blowing up.

Since then (and especially with the release of our newest app - PolyCUB - on the horizon) we've spent months upgrading the scalability and reliability of our servers and applications to make sure there's no downtime when another boom in users occurs.

Our goal by December 31st, 2022 is to track the pace of growth in MAUs with both comments and posts published on LeoFinance.io. A ~6x would lead us to ~1000 unique posts per day on https://leofinance.io/ and 4,000 comments per day.

Community Leaders

This one is more of a shoutout than a goal. We've got some incredible community leaders in LeoFinance. As stated at the beginning of this section: they have an inherent desire to grow the platform and keep other users engaged and active on https://leofinance.io/. This desire is both social and financial.

Taskmaster4450 is and has always been the most active person in our community. He also runs LeoMarketTalk and the DailyLeo Newsletter.

DailyLeo Newsletter

The DailyLeo Newsletter was established as a way to communicate with a broader audience and drive link clicks back to https://leofinance.io/ on a regular basis.

Community Leader @taskmaster4450 has taken over the DailyLeo newsletter and publishes a new email on Substack for all of our subscribers every Monday and Friday.

He's done an incredible job so far and the growth has been truly amazing in such a short period of time:

Our community's goal by December 31st, 2022 is to have 25,000 subscribers to the DailyLeo. Might sound like a big jump, but the exponential growth has already been astonishing and as we see LeoFinance's google traffic growing right alongside it.

Site Traffic:

The amount of monthly traffic to https://leofinance.io/ has always astonished people at first glance. We've grown so much in such a short period of time and now we have hundreds of thousands of visitors hitting all the content on LeoFinance.

In the not-so-distant past, LeoFinance's main source of traffic was our community sharing Twitter links. Twitter was our driver of initial external traffic growth. After gaining more popularity, content creators and site authority in the eyes of Google, LeoFinance now gets the vast majority of its traffic from Google and other Search Engines.

This means a lot of things. Namely, that evergreen content is more important than ever. LeoFinance as a community seeks to reward and engage with evergreen crypto & financial content that will drive traffic now and into the future as it ranks highly on search engines.

Our community's goal throughout 2022 is to 10x these traffic numbers as we continue the exponential growth we saw throughout 2021 and seek to bolster it to new heights.

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