Decentralized Polls

We believe that one of the core use cases of blockchain in the long-run will be running decentralized, transparent polls. X (formerly twitter) has a poll functionality that gets a lot of usage.

Much like many of the features on INLEO, we wanted to draw inspiration from Web2 but implement Web3 tech to make it superior to the previous generation of what was possible.

Decentralized Polls

Our Decentralized Poll protocol leverage blockchain technology to tabulate votes in a transparent, immutable fashion. The frontend for Polls was designed very similarly to its Web2 counterpart. Anyone can launch a poll that is embedded in a Thread directly from the interface.

How it Works

On the frontend, this may look like any other Poll. On the backend, there is a lot of magic happening here. A user creates a poll and then when any other user votes on one of the poll options, they transmit a message on the blockchain called a "Custom JSON".

This Custom JSON is a simple text message signed by the user. Our backend detects any JSONs that match the polling format and then the voters and their choices are calculated and shown on the frontend.

At any time, anyone can look directly at the Blockchain Explorer and verify every single vote, who cast it and what option they chose.

The Future of Decentralized Polls

We believe this type of decentralized voting will gain immense traction in the coming years. Our polling protocol already uses blockchain technology to tabulate votes in a transparent, immutable fashion.

Our roadmap for the coming months and years includes adding more options to the polling protocol. One of many of these options will be stake-weighted voting. This will allow users to choose whether to have a 1 account = 1 vote poll or have a poll where the more LEO POWER stake each user has, the more weight their vote entails on the poll.

Other options will also be released to make polling more robust. Creators could launch polls for only their followers or only their subscribers, for instance.

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