• Max Supply: 50M

  • Circulating Supply (April 2024): 18,627,849.48

  • Staked Supply (April 2024): 14,157,165.604 (76%)

  • Emissions Rate (April 2024): 0.208 LEO/Block

  • Exchange Listings: LEO | wLEO | bLEO | pLEO


The emissions for LEO are 0.208 LEO/block and decrease over the next ~32 years. Block rewards stop when LEO reaches 50M tokens in circulation.

System Income (LeoAds, LeoPremium and LeoSubscriptions) are designed to replace this inflationary pool over time. As of right now, the System Income buys LEO and distributes it to Active LEO POWER holders and/or buys LEO and deploys it as permanent liquidity in various liquidity pools on DEXes. Starting in 2033 (when inflation drops below 4%), the System Income will buy LEO and deploy it into the SIRP (System Income Rewards Pool).

This pool will continually grow in terms of rewards vs. the inflationary rewards pool. In 2056, the inflationary pool will be 0% (as all LEO is in circulation) and the rewards from the SIRP will be 100% of what is paid to users and active LEO POWER stakeholders on the platform.

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78% of all LEO is staked as LEO POWER (illiquid for 28 days). Users can unstake at any time through a "Power Down" process. Powering down initiates 4 events - 1 per week - for 4 weeks where 1/4th of the total LEO POWER a user has staked becomes liquid. For example, a user with 10,000 LEO POWER could unstake some or all of that power. If they unstake 4,000 of it, then they will receive 1,000 LEO liquid in their wallet each week for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks, they would have 6,000 LEO POWER and 4,000 liquid LEO.

The rest of the LEO in the circulating supply is either liquid or bridged to wLEO, bLEO or pLEO and available in Automated Market Makers (AMMs) for traders to buy/sell LEO.


Rewards Pool

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Value Capture

At the heart of the LEO token economy is the idea of value capture. We've created multiple means of value capture and continue to expand the offerings. To fulfill our mission of building a thriving creator economy, the LEO token captures value from Ad Revenue, LeoPremium and LeoSubscriptions, Promotion and Bridging revenue.

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