Thesis on Building

Our thesis on building might be slightly different than that of other projects. We have a roadmap that gives a directional view of where the development is heading. That being said, we don't adhere to a strict, unchanging roadmap. We have big ticket items that are being worked on while also shipping on smaller features and bug fixes. We find it incredibly important to have a fluid approach to building a platform like INLEO. The broad mission doesn't change but the objectives along the way require an adaptive approach.

This is why we like to say that there are two keys ideals to how we approach building:

  • Roadmap

  • Feedback

Speaking in broad terms, we have deliverable items on our roadmap listed below. We are a community-first project and that entails listening to the community. So while we have this roadmap, we are always listening to the voice of the community and seeing what they are happy and unhappy about. We thrive on Feedback. Feedback comes in the form of bug reporting, feature requests, complaints and suggestions. We listen to all the feedback from the community, synthesize it and make adjustments to the Roadmap as we see fit.

So while you will see some specific items on the roadmap, it is 100% likely that you will find updates reach the INLEO UI before some of these items are rolled out.

One of our favorite examples is Threadcasts - a live chatting feature we built into the INLEO app. We had no intention of building Threadcasts. One day, a community member said "wouldn't it be cool if..." and then 1 week later, we built and deployed Threadcasts. Since then, they've become a staple in the platform and one of the features that has the best product market fit with our target audience.

Below, you'll find two sections: "In Progress" and "Completed". The following lists are meant to give a broad overview of past, present and future developments. We often release much smaller features and updates along the way. The BEST way to keep up with our development in real-time is via our INLEO Blog where we post near-daily updates.

In Progress


Threadcasts have become a staple on INLEO. We've got a lot in the pipeline for them as they've reached product market fit. We're starting to deploy updates for Threadcasts and we're seeing influencers from X onboard to INLEO and use Threadcasts in conjunction with their Live Spaces. Threadcasts give them a live chat room feel while they're live on Spaces Audio.

  • Add Threadcast Scheduler

  • Threadcast Glow on User's Who Are Actively Participating

Ad Platform

We're building our own in-house ad platform. The Ads Manager Dashboard will look very similar to Facebook Ads or X Ads Manager Dashboards.

Projects, Companies and Users can use the Ads Manager Dashboard to create and launch Ad Campaigns that utilize the Ad Space on INLEO. 100% of the revenue from the Ads flow into the LEO Token Economy. You can learn more about this in the LeoAds section.

Promote Content

An in-house promotion system that will work similar to X's "Promote a Tweet" feature. Users can promote their own Posts and Threads to gain more exposure, upvotes and build their brand on the platform. Learn more about this in the Promotion section.


LeoGlossary is a community-run project. Headed by user Taskmaster4450, the LeoGlossary project aims to assimilate information on all sorts of topics ranging from Music libraries to financial terminology. Think of it like Wikipedia on top of INLEO. The community contributes to LeoGlossary and there are already 10's of thousands of interlinked words, pages, terms, etc.

As of now (November 2023), there is no UI for calling LeoGlossary terms within the Publishing framework. One of our next releases for the Publishing interface is to add a command which can autonomously hyperlink words to the LeoGlossary term they relate to. For example, if someone writes "Bond" in one of their blog posts and a LeoGlossary Term/Link exists for "Bond", then it will ask if they want to hyperlink the word Bond to that LeoGlossary Link.

This improves the visibility of terms and increases cross-page linking on the UI which is great for driving page views, SEO traffic, etc. Traffic equates to more ad revenue which equates to more LEO bought off the market from that ad revenue.

User Dashboard

Gamification plays a major role in society. On Social Media, you often look at how many views or likes you have. People also love to see how many friends / followers they can get. On INLEO, you can earn rewards for your content so there is an added layer of gamification to it. The new User Dashboard will allow any user to track their earnings, account growth and other key metrics.


Various animations are already live on the UI - for example, when someone posts a Thread into a Threadcast, the Thread slides into the feed via an animation. Other animations will be released for the Upvote Icon and various other parts of the UI. We also plan to add a custom animations section for Premium Users. This will have features that resemble something like a Discord Nitro.

Landing Page

A new explainer homepage for the INLEO project, community and LEO token.


Short-form Video content on the INLEO platform. Users will be able to record and upload videos that are less than 60 seconds to INLEO Threads. We're also working on creating new feeds that will allow users to scroll through Shorts similar to Tik Tok or YT Shorts.


Long-form Video content on INLEO. This will allow users to post videos that are over 60 seconds via the Publishing UI for Posts.


Scaling is a constant battle on INLEO. As of this writing, we've indexed nearly 1M Threads and tens of thousands of blog posts. These numbers continue to grow. Scaling across our entire frontend and backend is required. One of the key infrastructure improvements we're working on is called LeoCache. LeoCache is a database that builds with all of the Threads and Posts ever created. This powers much of the frontend and backend of the INLEO Platform. One key feature on the UI that is powered by LeoCache is full-text search. This requires a lot of processing power and we continue to scale both the size and efficiency of this backend.


LeoSubscriptions is similar to something like Patreon or Substack. Any creator on INLEO will be able to launch a subscription service where subscribers can pay "$4.99" per month to get access to exclusive content, chatrooms and feeds from their favorite Creators.

Our differentiating factor from platforms like Patreon or Substack is that the platform fee for INLEO is much smaller than these Web2 counterparts. This means that you - the creator - keep a larger % of the total amount collected from your subscribers. A small platform fee is earned by INLEO and 100% of that platform fee will also be used to buy LEO off the market. This creates more demand for the LEO Token Economy, which ultimately benefits the Creators and Users of INLEO. Learn more in the Subscriptions section.


LeoPremium is getting constant updates and new features. About 12 are already rolled out. Some of the upcoming features are:

  • Add Emojis

  • Add NFT Profile Pics

  • Add Auto-AI Summarize Long-Form Posts to Threadstorms


Long-Form on INLEO has grown a bit dated. We have a plethora of ideas to improve this aspect of the platform and bring more visibility, usability and enjoyment to long-form content.


AI is playing an increasing role in society. The launch of ChatGPT brought the conversation to the forefront about the current and rapidly improving state of AI. INLEO is currently training our own in-house AI, currently codenamed "LeoAI". This AI is trained on all the data that is published on Threads and Posts both historically and in real-time. It takes this data and creates a vector space. From this knowledge, the LeoAI can be queried on any subject and any question. This is currently under development, testing and refinement by the LeoTeam. We plan to release it into Open Beta in 2024 to Premium subscribers.

INLEO already has other implementations of AI on the platform. A noteworthy usecase as of November 2023 is the News2Threads AI feature.

News2Threads allows users to paste a link to any article on the internet into our OpenAI API connection. Then, ChatGPT summarizes the article into 3 threads, publishes it on the frontend and includes the original link to the article. This brings high quality, real-time news and information to Threads.

As of November 2023, 1M Threads have been created on the platform. INLEO is building a "Threads Engine" on the backend that allows full-text search. An early form of this is already live and allows you to search in a rich-text format on the frontend today. One of our long-term roadmap items is integrating vector space models that will categorize, learn and build rich feature-sets using all Threads ever created as data inputs.

For You

The For You Feed is our first - and we believe THE first - algorithmic feed on any blockchain. The For You Feed pulls data from the blockchain about each user's account. All of this data is publicly accessible information that is on the blockchain. Examples of this data would be people you follow, people you reply to frequently, people you upvote frequently, etc.

We take this data and create a For You feed that tries to feed you relevant content. This For You Feed was first released on September 28th, 2023. We're constantly tweaking and revising the algorithm to feed users more relevant content. Some upcoming additions to this will allow users to thumb up or thumbs down content they're getting in their For You feed which will help us improve the algo and feed them better content. Our goal with INLEO is more time on site and engagement with content as that increases ad revenue and ultimately drives more LEO Buybacks.


A few members of our Team are working on LeoNFTs. We're doing NFTs differently than most other projects. Instead of raising funds and operating mints, we're releasing something called "Engage-to-Mint" which will allow heavy users of the INLEO platform to actually earn NFTs rather than pay to mint them.

We're also creating a secondary market for these NFTs. A small % of all NFT trades on this market will go toward LEO Buys. Additionally, the NFTs will have various use cases we're calling "Power Ups" on the INLEO frontend. Imagine, for example, that holding XYZ NFT allows you to boost one of your Threads for 24 hours for free to the top of every feed. Imagine another NFT that 10x's the value of your vote for 1 hour. Again, Gamification will play an increasing role on the UI. These are NFTs with real use cases.


Communities are our Reddit-style feature. These were initially released around July of 2023. Signifcant improvements have already been made and many more are on the way. Our goal is to improve both the technology and adoption of Communities and onboard dozens of Web3 projects to having their own Communities.

Exchange Listings

Less technical and more from a bizdev perspective: we're working on various exchange listings. Right now, we are primarily focused on Decentralized Exchanges but there are some CEXes that we are talking to. Our goal at the moment is to build long-term, cross-chain liquidity for the LEO Oracle Bridges as these generate revenue for the ecosystem while allowing users to seamlessly swap LEO to any Ethereum, BSC and Polygon assets.


The previous sections talked extensively about future tech that we're building. Building the social part of INLEO is just as important. As a social media platform, we're constantly looking for ways to onboard more users. This includes making it easier to get onboarded as well as launching initiatives to encourage more users signing up. We leverage Zealy - a platform for gamifying onboarding - to increase the reach of multiple organic initiatives that span from advertisement, X spaces, outreach and more.


Bookmarks (December 2023)

  • Cross-Device Compatible

  • Premium Exclusive: Create Folders for Your Bookmarks

  • LeoCache Backend

Premium (November 2023)

  • Gift Premium

  • Release Premium and Initial Feature Set

    • Orange checkmark next to your username

    • Priority in "For You" feeds

    • Edit threads after you post them

    • Add Bold, Italic and other "Markdown Styling" to your threads

    • Publish longer threads

    • Themes

Lists (November 2023)

  • Release Lists

  • Create a List

  • Add Users to a List

  • Explore Lists

  • Follow Lists

  • Add List to Home Feed

LeoAds Protocol (November 2023)

  • Release LeoAds smart contract that buys LEO on a weekly basis using ad Revenue

  • Release LeoAds disbribution contract that distributes LEO to Active LEO POWER holders on a monthly basis

Major Bug Fix Release (October 2023)

  • Fix homepage refreshing

  • Bullet point lists were broken

  • Reply pop-up

  • ....

  • Add Themes code

  • Add referral system

  • Add terms, policies, cookies

  • Introduce For You Algorithm

  • Add Seen Feature

  • One-click onboarding

  • X Signup Added

  • Google Signup Added

  • Explore Page

  • Full-Text Search

  • Communities Update

Add Rethreading (July 2023)

  • Add Rethreads

14 Major Updates (June 2023)

  • Module update

  • GIFs added

  • Emojis added

  • LeoCache Update

  • Copy Link, Reblog, Downvote

  • Edit Post, Light Edit, Delete

  • Bug Fixes

  • ...

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