Digital Identities

INLEO is building a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities.

In order to build this vision, we must have decentralized digital identities. What that means is that we have Blockchain Accounts where you are the sole owner of that account. It cannot be removed or taken away from you. This works similarly to having an on-chain blockchain wallet. For example, compare having a Coinbase Wallet for holding your Bitcoin vs. having a Cold Hardware Wallet that holds your Bitcoin.

In the first, Coinbase has complete control over your wallet. They can potentially sieze your funds or go bankrupt and you would lose everything you have in it. In the second, you are the sole owner of the wallet and have sole access to your funds.

INLEO requires a similar setup. Rather than be like X or Facebook which would be like the equivalent of a Coinbase Wallet (it can be taken away / deleted / banned at any time by X or Facebook), we have blockchain-based Digitial Identities that ONLY YOU have access to. We cannot delete it.

Digital Identities on Hive

When you create an account on INLEO, that account is created on the Hive Blockchain. INLEO simply uses the Hive Blockchain as the backend and authentication layer. When you create a blog post, Thread or comment, you are publishing that data to INLEO which in turn is publishing it to the Hive Blockchain.

INLEO reads and writes data on the Hive Blockchain. Your Account Data, your Posts, your Comments, your Threads, your Upvotes. All of it is coming directly from the Hive Blockchain.

Think of Hive like a massive datacenter. There are server racks holding all of the data ever posted on INLEO and any other Hive-based platform. All that data is being held in those server racks.

The key difference is that this imaginary datacenter is actually a distributed network of datacenters. There is no single point of failure. This is fundamentally how a decentralized blockchain database works.

Signing Up

When you first sign up to INLEO, we allow you to choose if you want a Lite Blockchain Account. This allows you to sign up without holding the Private Keys off the bat. It enables you to get signed up and using the platform in under 30 seconds.

Eventually, we encourage you to download your keys which takes them off the LeoInfra database and then allows you to self-custody those keys. This turns your Lite Account to a Full Blockchain Account. You can learn more about this in the LeoInfra section.


Why do digital identities matter at all? Why do decentralized digital identities matter?

We all already have digitial identities. We have a digital self and a physical self. Mobile devices have taken this further and further with each passing year. More and more of our lives are happening on the internet.

One problem that has arisen is that people are being banned, removed or otherwise "messed with" on their digital identities. This is because the likes of X or Facebook or Google own your digital identity. When you have an account on one of these platforms, you don't actually own your identity.

Imagine that in the real world... imagine that you didn't even own or control your identity. Imagine that someone or some company could strip you of your identity whenever they saw fit. We've seen this happen again and again. The most famous examples are when well-known people who have built a brand, image and business on the internet using platforms like X or Facebook have gotten demonetized, removed and permanently banned.

On INLEO, we believe in democratizing digital identities. We want YOU to have control over your digitial identity. When you use INLEO, you are building your digitial identity. You're building your brand, image and business. The key distinction of doing it on INLEO vs doing it anywhere else is that you truly own your identity on INLEO. This is all thanks to the Hive Blockchain. This distributed network of nodes that runs the datacenters which hold the information about your digitial identity. It can never be taken from you.

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