Stake LEO into LEO POWER on and start earning staking rewards

LEO POWER is the staked form of the LEO token in your INLEO wallet. When LEO is staked as LEO POWER, you earn Curation Rewards when you upvote content and you amplify your reach and reputation in the community.


Staking LEO into LEO POWER will grant you access to rewards that are paid out in liquid LEO as well as added to your LEO POWER balance.

The current (as of November 2023) APR for staking LEO is around 20% (15% from actively curating and ~5% from the LeoAds Pool). The APR can fluctuate based on your activity on the platform (how frequently you curate) as well as the Ad revenue the platform generates, which fluctuates based on monthly active users and traffic. There are two primary sources of this APR:

  • Upvoting content created by other users earns you 50% of the value of your upvote as liquid LEO rewards in your wallet every 7 days

  • Owning LEO POWER and actively curating earns you a proportional share (based on how much stake you have) of the LeoAds Rewards Pool

Stake and Earn has ad partnerships to display ads on the UI. These ads are seen by the core community as well as the hundreds of thousands of unique external views that INLEO gets on a monthly basis.

These ads drive in Ad revenue to the INLEO Ad Protocol, paid in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) and/or stablecoins. The protocol uses this crypto to purchase LEO and then deposit it into the LeoAds pool each month.

The LeoAds pool then pays out an equal percentage of the rewards to every user who is staking LEO as LEO POWER and actively curating in their wallet.

Current Staking Rewards APY is Roughly 4-6% annually and fluctuates with partnership deals and traffic.

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