Token Features

At the Center of the INLEO Web3 Ecosystem is the LEO Token Economy

LEO is our native token which lives as an L2 protocol on the Hive blockchain. Hive is a unique blockchain in that it offers fast, free, scalable and flexible transactions. Our project processes hundreds of thousands of operations on the blockchain every single day.

If you're familiar with blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin, then you'll know that processing hundreds of thousands of TXs is extremely expensive and essentially impossible with the technology that currently exists. We've built LEO in a stackable way: LEO's social interactions and native token lives on the Hive blockchain but we've integrated our own bridging technology to deploy liquidity pools on other blockchains (Ethereum, BSC and Polygon).

Core features of the LEO token:

  • Free Transactions

  • Fast Transactions

  • Dynamic Token Issuance (Rewarding Content Creators, Curators and Liquidity Providers)

  • Immutable Transactions (all token data & balances are stored on a decentralized, public blockchain)

Learn More About Our Native Token and the Blockchain Technology It's Built On:


Free Transactions:

Our project requires free transactions in order to operate. Users are able to post Threads, blog posts, comments, upvotes, wallet operations, etc. all from our app. A typical active user might process 100-1,000+ operations per day without ever leaving the interface nor paying a single penny in gas fees.

The Hive blockchain offers us the ability to process all of our transactions directly on a blockchain with essentially 0 running costs (outside of running a full node for the chain). We're able to do this by utilizing the resource credit ecosystem on the Hive blockchain. In exchange for our project holding a large amount of the HIVE token, we're able to access a rechargeable pool of resource credits. As our Monthly Active Users scale, we have a growing need for these credits and thus an ongoing desire to acquire more stake in the native HIVE token which we currently earn by being one of the top 25 witnesses on Hive.

Fast Transactions:

For a social project on the blockchain, having instantaneous transactions is just as important as having free transactions. When was the last time you used a Web2 platform like X (formerly Twitter) and waited 5 minutes for a confirmation of your post being published or a "Like" being distributed?

INLEO leverages the 3 second block times of the Hive blockchain in order to conduct hundreds of thousands of blockchain-based operations on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Token transfers

  • Wallet operations

  • Upvote distribution ("likes" on content)

  • Content published on the blockchain

  • Comments published on the blockchain

  • ....

Dynamic Token Issuance:

The LEO token economy is unlike any other tokenized economy in the industry. The initial distribution of LEO started as a simple ecosystem for distributing tokens to users who created and curated content. Since our launch, we have introduced new ways to earn and distribute tokens which have created one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the space.

Users, token holders and creators can earn LEO by:

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