"Reddit on the blockchain"

Communities allow you to find a home on Web3. We call this "Reddit on the blockchain" because it works very similar to Reddit's "Subreddit" feature where anyone can create a community and then members can join, post and engage with other content in the Community.

What Can You Do in a Community?

The first step is to find a community that aligns with an interest you have. Once you do that, you can Join the community. Joining the community will make you a Member in that community and it will allow you to publish Blog Posts and Threads into that community's content feed.

When you publish in that Community's content feed, you improve your ability to get discovered by moderators and other community members.

We highly recommend joining a community that you're interested in when you first join INLEO. This allows you to find some like-minded users to build up your initial following and network.

Social Media needs to be... social. Communities allow users on the platform to easily find each other based on interests. It's a great way to segment content and engagement into the buckets that people are interested in.

Why Communities?

Following with our other sections of "Why INLEO" over these other Web2 platforms that have similar features, using Communities on INLEO gives you the benefits of Web3 while still having that similar feeling/engagement of Web2 counterparts.

On INLEO's communities feature, you can create an immutable community directly on the blockchain. Once you've done that, you're able to invite users to join that community and create content/engage with each other.

All of the interactions and the community itself are on the blockchain which makes them immutable (cannot be censored) and also makes the engagements eligible to earn rewards from the LEO and HIVE rewards pools (Upvotes).

Key Features of Communities

When you land on a Community Page, you'll see a ton of features for sorting blog posts and also viewing Threads within that community. Explore them and find out for yourself!

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