The tokenization of everything brings the need for a beautiful and intuitive wallet UI

You can find your wallet by going to "Profile", then selecting the "Wallet" menu option. When you first land on the Wallet Page, you'll see your LEO Wallet as default. This shows your LEO Tokens, LEO POWER and other relevant info. On the right-hand side, you can toggle from your LEO Wallet to your Hive (L1) wallet to your Hive-Engine (L2) wallet.

As a user of INLEO, you'll primarily use your LEO Wallet and Hive wallet.

Claiming Rewards

In the bottom left of the Screen, you'll find a "Claim Rewards" bar. It lights up and has a jumping gift box emoji so it's hard to miss. This button only shows when you have Rewards waiting to be claimed.

Once you've claimed rewards, you can head over to your Wallet Page to view them. Rewards on INLEO are earned both in the form of L1 (HIVE, HBD) and L2 (LEO and other L2 tokens).

By posting content and engaging on the platform, you'll find yourself earning tokens on a regular basis. As you continue to claim rewards, check your wallet page and decide if you want to stake, hodl or sell the assets. All of this can be done from the wallet UI on INLEO.

Wallet Features

There are tons of features built-in to the Wallet UI. Off the bat, you'll see the ability to send, receive, track, stake and unstake tokens. These are your core functionalities that you will likely use on a regular basis.

Transferring Assets

You can transfer LEO, HIVE or HBD easily from this wallet UI. In the screenshot below, you can see what a send TX looks like. It's identical for LEO, HIVE and HBD. Just enter the recipient, amount and an optional memo message.

Staking Assets

You can stake LEO, HIVE and HBD from your wallet.

Staking LEO (also called "Powering Up") converts your LEO to LEO POWER. This LEO POWER can be unstaked at any time. Unstaking is a 28-day process with payouts split into 1/4 chunks paid weekly into your account. So if you unstake 1,200 LEO, you'll receive 300 LEO per week for 4 weeks.

The same process can be used for staking HIVE into HIVE POWER. HIVE POWER has a 13 week power-down cycle.

The more LEO POWER you have, the more your upvote values are worth. You will also earn more LEO each month from the other forms of rewards (i.e. Ad Revenue share). You can learn more about this in the Rewards Pool section.

Selling Assets

There are various on-chain markets where you can sell LEO or HIVE. You can also wrap LEO to wLEO, bLEO or pLEO using our Bridging technology.

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