Gamify your experience, compete to win even more rewards

The INLEO Leaderboard is a real-time ranking system built-in to the INLEO platform. It ranks users by engagement, Threads, Threadstorms, Votes and Comments on the platform.

Gamification is at the core of a great experience when it comes to social media. In a very similar fashion to video games, using a platform is fun when there is some kind of scoreboard.

The INLEO Leaderboard is something we've developed to bring a well-rounded level of engagement to the platform.

As it stands, the leaderboard is still in early development. We've got a lot of plans for this leaderboard and continue to tweak the ranking algorithm.

Plans for Gamification

As we continue to tweak and improve the Leaderboard, our goal is to improve the overall gamification of using INLEO.

Right now, we already host giveaways and other rewards for people who rank on the Leaderboard. We'll continue to expand these and automate more rewards toward the Leaderboard ranking.

LeoNFTs are also a part of this long-term plan of gamification. For example, if a user is Rank #1 on the Leaderboard, imagine that they get a temporary NFT for that rank. Holding this NFT in their wallet could allow them special access to certain features or "Power Ups" on the UI.

This is the direction that INLEO is heading in terms of gamification. Web3 encompasses NFTs and INLEO has plans to integrate a real-world use case for our NFTs.

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