Staking LEO for LEO POWER does more than give you rewards on the platform. While the APY for staked LEO POWER is over 20%, one of the most attractive parts of having LEO POWER is the influence you get on the INLEO Social Platform.

Influence over rewards is an extremely important thing to have. Imagine if you could just stake a bunch of X stock and instantly get all of your replies pushed to the top of every feed and all the top users knew your username by heart and always wanted to engage with you.

On INLEO, you can buy LEO, stake it as LEO POWER and instantly gain a large influence on the platform. People will follow you, vying for your upvote on their threads, posts and comments. They'll tag you in their content and try to get your attention. When you post, they'll make sure to comment and upvote it. It's like an instantaneous "I'm famous" button. This type of attention is highly valuable for various types of users.

  • if you're a Web3 brand, you can gain instant recognition amongst a highly engaged web3-centric audience

  • if you're building a personal content brand, you can build instant recognition and get more engagement than ever before on your content

  • if you want to build an audience for any reason or just like some extra attention and awareness on your Threads and Posts

  • ...

Influence is about game theory and INLEO's LEO Token Economy ensures that the game theory plays out in favor of the platform itself. As users try to stake more and more LEO to gain more and more influence on the platform, they earn APY as LEO and it gamifies their activity.

More influence on the platform means having more ability to run initiatives and increase overall engagement. This increases the ad revenue which means your staking APY is higher in addition to your already higher curation rewards for being a highly active participant. The ecosystem incentivizes people to be good actors - and a good actor is defined as someone bringing attention, value and engagement to the platform.

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