"Twitter on the blockchain" comes to life on INLEO

Threads are short-form microblogging content on the INLEO platform. They are the first hit point when you reach and have become the most engaging form of content creation and consumption on the INLEO platform.

Decentralized Backend

"Put it on-chain" is a saying that you'll hear frequently from the INLEO community. This is our reference to telling people to put the content, data and ideas they have directly onto the blockchain.

Threads makes it as simple as using X (formerly twitter) to put text on the blockchain. Our approach is simple: make the frontend feel like Web2 but supercharge it with Web3 on the backend.

To your average user, the experience of using INLEO threads is nearly identical to the Web2 counterpart. If you dig a little deeper, you'll be able to see the Threads content getting posted and read directly from the Hive blockchain.

Scalable Infrastructure

When Elon Musk mentioned taking over Twitter, there was a time when he considered a blockchain alternative. He famously said that Blockchains couldn't handle the scaling nature needed to have millions of messages, inputs and data received/read to build something like Twitter on a blockchain.

With INLEO, we've leveraged the capability of fast, free and 3 second transactions on the Hive blockchain to make this a reality. We merged it with our own infrastructure to build the INLEO platform. This allows millions of daily transactions to get posted/read directly from the decentralized Hive blockchain.

Our frontend ( reads and writes to this blockchain using the various technologies in the backend. Read the "Our Technology" section for more details on how all of this works.

Why Use Threads?

Again, we like to address the obvious questions. Countless other "Twitter Clones" have popped up over the years. Especially since the instability at Twitter. We believe Threads offers a completely unique experience.

The combination of the frontend that feels like Web2 with the backend that is powered by Web3 is where magic happens on INLEO.

Threads allows anyone to read, create and engage with short-form content like they would do on any other platform but have the bneefits of putting it on a blockchain where they own the data and can earn rewards from it.

The LEO Token Economy section dove deeply into these concepts. Threads allows any user to gain a stake in the platform's utility token simply by using the platform and contributing value to the ecosystem through engagement. It does all of this while allowing the user to own their digital identity which is a core principle of INLEO and all of Web3.

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