Live chat rooms on the Blockchain

Threadcasts have become one of the killer-app usecases of INLEO. It started as a very simple idea that we didn't know would take off in such a big way. In a nut shell, Threadcasts give "live chat room vibes" by enabling a particular Thread to be engaged with via a live feed of real-time threads.

How to Launch a Threadcast

A threadcast can be launched by anyone. All you need to do is make a thread and use the hashtag "#threadcast". When you do this, the UI picks up that it is a Threadcast and automatically enables "Threadcast Mode".

Threadcast Mode makes Thread replies auto-update and it also sorts them by the latest Thread reply. If you sit on this page (see the example screenshot, you will experience a Threadcast.

Live Audience

When there is a live audience, Threadcasts are incredibly engaging. We've likened them to "Twitch Chatrooms" as the experience is pretty similar. Users can engage with each other and potentially with the livestreamer if they are paying attention to the Threadcast.

X Spaces

X (Formerly Twitter) has put more focus into Spaces - their Livestream Audio Calling platform. One of the key missing pieces for it is a solid chatroom that works while you're in the spaces.

Threadcasts have become incredibly useful for X Spaces. When an X Space is Live, we've seen several creators utilize Threadcasts to create an engaging, rewarding and fun environment for their streams. The INLEO Team also uses X Spaces + Threadcasts to run the weekly AMA every Tuesday at Noon EST.

Below is an example of one of the INLEO Team AMA's where the Threadcast is embedded on top of the Livestream video.

Why Threadcasts?

Now, why would any twitch, X Spaces or other creator care to use Threadcasts? This is an essential question. Threadcasts need to have unique value propositions in order to get creators and their audience to use them.

The two core reasons to use Threadcasts:

  1. Upvotes allow you and others to reward the people engaging in the Threadcast reply section, giving them real $$ in exchange for their engagement and attention

  2. All replies, upvotes and engagement is directly on-chain. This ties back to the ideals of Web3 to have immutable content storage and a digital identity that cannot be taken from you

Future of Threadcasts

Threadcasts have become one of our core features and we've made a ton of improvements to them recently. Our roadmap includes making many more improvements to them as we progress the INLEO Platform.

If you're a creator or a brand and do any sort of Livestreaming, we highly recommend giving Threadcasts a shot. They create an incredibly rewarding and engaging dynamic for your audience.

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