Ad Platform

The LeoAds platform allows anyone to launch an ad to the app. Decentralized, stake-weighted voting from the community governs the ads

We've taken a radically new approach to advertising. Much like the other major features of INLEO, we've built a platform for Ads that merges the best ideas of Web2 with the best of Web3. Our ad platform allows companies to upload ads. If there is a lull in B2B sales of ads (direct sales of Ads), then our platform displays Ads by other networks as default to avoid having any inefficient ad space when it's not getting used.

Key Features of the INLEO Ad Platform:

  1. Allows anyone to seamlessly upload marketing materials for an Ad, select a budget and publish their Ad

  2. Once an Ad is published, it is pushed for review through a 24-hour, stake-weighted poll

  3. The 24 hour poll gives LEO POWER stakeholders 2 options: Approve or Not Approve. Votes are tabulated on a stake-weighted basis (based on how much LEO POWER a user has staked)

  4. If it's approved, the Ad is launched instantly after the Poll closes

  5. If it's not approved, the Advertiser receives their budget back to their wallet and is also given feedback from the comment section beneath the Poll on why it wasn't approved (common reasons might be that the ad was poor quality or seen as malicious/scam, etc.)

The beauty of this Ad platform is that it works just like Facebook Ads Manager or the Twitter (X) Ads Manager. This allows anyone to upload an ad, set a budget and get the ball rolling.

What we've done is add a Web3 layer on top of that. Ad budgets are paid in crypto directly to a smart contract. An Ad can be displayed on the platform only once it's been approved by a stake-weighted, 24 hour poll that is governed by the community.

This allows the community of LEO POWER holders to ultimately be the deciding factor of which ads get published.

Where Does Ad Revenue Go?

INLEO is an attention economy and system income is generated in various forms. LeoAds is one of the key forms of income for this attention economy that drives the LEO token. It is a combination of UI-based code and smart contract-based code on the backend. LeoAds allows companies to display ads on and in exchange, pay ad funding to a smart contract.

The smart contract collects ad revenue and then purchases LEO from one of the liquidity pools where LEO is listed. This LEO then enters the "System Income Rewards Pool (SIRP)". Currently, the SIRP is allocated to active LEO POWER holders who curate content (until 2033).

Once the emissions rate of LEO drops below 4% (2033), the SIRP contract is designed to allocate rewards to the primary rewards pool. This means that the creators/curators on INLEO will begin earning from the SIRP along with the standard reward pool. As time passes, the inflation rate of LEO continues to drop and the SIRP share of rewards increases.

How Much Ad Revenue is Generated Right Now?

The Ad Revenue fluctuates with advertiser load, traffic impressions and many other factors. A beautiful benefit of being on the blockchain is that all of this can be tracked in real-time. You can see the autonomous weekly smart contract purchases of LEO using ad revenue in the @leoads wallet. This wallet will show the current amount of LEO in the SIRP (as of November 2023, it gets distributed 1x per month to active LEO POWER Holders as per the smart contract).

What Can Be Expected in the Future?

One of our core ambitions is to grow the LeoAds platform and get more advertisers regularly using it. This is an amazing place for Web3 companies to advertise to a specialized audience. Non-Web3 companies will still find it an amazing place to advertise, especially in the long-run as we add more specialization and audience segmentation.

In the long-term, we expect this platform to continue to grow. Our goal is that every advertiser that launches an ad becomes a long-term customer of our direct Ad listing program because of the results. As LeoAds scales, more revenue is used to buy LEO off the market by the autonomous LeoAds Smart Contract. The SIRP for active LEO POWER holders grows and this strengthens the utility of the LEO token by creating deeper incentives to actively stake it and curate with it.

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