Planned for Q1 2024, LeoSubscriptions introduces a Substack / Patreon-style subscription membership framework to the platform.

Subscriptions will enable any creator on INLEO to launch their own subscriber-only newsletter and Thread feed.

When Subscriptions go live, any creator can launch a paid channel for subscriber-only content. They can choose to accept payments in the following 4 amounts:

  1. $5/mo

  2. $10/mo

  3. $15/mo

  4. $30/mo

Once the creator has set up the payment amount, they will gain access to extra publishing tools on the INLEO UI. These tools will allow them to choose which feed to publish content to (their normal public feeds where anyone on the platform can view it or subscriber-only feeds). This works for Threads and Blog Posts.

Why Subscribe?

Substack has proven that there is a huge potential market for long-form content that is behind a paywall. We are firm believers in the idea of 1,000 true fans (coined by Kevin Kelly). The idea of creating a following and then monetizing that following by giving them exclusive access to you - the influencer - is something that has profoundly changed the world of being a creator.

Gone are the days when you need to link up with a big-name magazine and work your way to an editorial position. Now, you can build your own audience and then launch your own subscription service to view extra, higher-quality paid content.

We provide the framework. It's up to creators to build their audience on INLEO and other platforms and then convince them that the value they provide behind the paywall is worthwhile.

Why INLEO Over Other Subscription Platforms?

Substack charges in the range of 10% + Credit Card Fees (~3.5%) for subscriptions. That's nearly 85% of your revenue as a creator that you are giving up. Other platforms charge similar or even higher fees.

INLEO has crypto-based payment rails. This means there are no credit card fees. Users can pay creators in crypto and pay little-to-no fees for doing so and the creator can keep the lion's share of the revenue.

INLEO charges just 5% as a platform fee. That means that you - the creator - keep 95% of the profits from subscription sales. If there are gas fees for the user to send the crypto payment each month, then they pay the gas fees (although many will use the gas-free crypto payment options).

There are no hidden fees of any kind. It is all strictly happening on the blockchain, openly and transparently. 5% for the platform and 95% for you, the creator.

Own Your Data, Keep Your Audience

It's just a matter of time before certain creators start getting banned, removed or demonetized from platforms like Substack. We've seen it happen to Twitch, YouTube, X and other creators on various platforms time and time again.

It's one thing to lose access to your account on one of these platforms as a user, but an entirely different thing when you become a monetized creator. You are building your personal brand and now earning a living by creating. Do you really want to have your living at the mercy of some corporate entity that can remove you at their own discretion?

On Web3 (INLEO), you not only keep 95% of the revenue (10%+ more $$ for you than on other platforms), you also keep all of your data. All of your followers, subscribers and account data lives on a transparent blockchain. Even if a website were to ban you or try to suppress your attention, you still own all of the data. You can move, migrate or build anywhere you want. Web3 gives you the power and takes it away from the central entities. This is vital for any creator looking to monetize themselves and build a living with their audience.


We are planning the LeoSubscriptions platform to go live in Q1, 2024. We will update this page when it goes live with more details on how it works and how to set one up as a creator. For now, keep building your audience and brand on INLEO to get ready to onboard your fans as true fans who subscribe to you!

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