Multi-Layer Rewards

Rewards on INLEO are primarily paid in LEO - the native token of our platform. That being said, there is the L1 HIVE token that also exists on the platform. When you upvote content, you use your LEO POWER and your HIVE POWER simultaneously.

This creates multi-layer rewards. After you make some content and use the INLEO platform for a few days, you'll find that the "Claim Rewards" button lights up in the bottom left corner.

At any time, you can click "Claim" and claim those rewards.

What you'll notice is that you earn 3 different cryptocurrencies simultaneously:

This screenshot shows the HIVE, HBD and the VESTS that you claimed. LEO is claimed automatically. VESTS are just another representation of HIVE in the on-chain format.


If you've been reading these docs, I'm sure you're already familiar with LEO and the LEO Token Economy.

HIVE is the native currency of the Hive blockchain. It's paid to creators and users similarly to how LEO is. Blockchain Validators (called Witnesses) also earn HIVE for running the blockchain database.

HBD stands for Hive-Backed Dollar and it is a $1-pegged stablecoin cryptocurrency that is issued by the Hive Blockchain. It's used for payments in may different forms and is fast and free to transact with. 1 HBD can always be converted to $1 USD worth of HIVE, which is how it maintains its stablecoin peg.

We use HBD on the INLEO platform to collect payments for things like Premium Subscriptions.

When you create or interact with any content on INLEO, you have a potential to earn LEO, HIVE and HBD simultaneously.

You'll notice these cryptocurrencies accrue in your wallet as you continue to use and grow on the platform.

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