Immutable Content Storage

In the previous section, we talked about Digital Identities. These are blockchain-based accounts that can never be taken away from you. They always live on-chain.

Another core aspect to INLEO is that when you make content or interact with content, that data also belongs to you. It is stored in the network of the Hive Blockchain.

Since Hive is a decentralized blockchain, all that content and information about your account is immutably (cannot be falsely edited or removed) secured.

What and How

I thought about writing some lengthy explanation here about how this all works but instead, I want you to give it a shot for yourself.

Step 1). Make a Thread on the INLEO platform. Any thread. You can reply to someone else or you can post a picture of your cat. It doesn't matter.

Step 2). Now that you've made some kind of Thread, I want you to go to This is one of the main Hive Blockchain Explorers that exists.

You'll see a search bar at the top. Type in your username and then hit enter.

After you do that, you'll see your recent account transactions. Look for the one where you posted the Thread. It will say "Comment". Click on it.

After You've Clicked that Thread, you'll see the full page view of that Thread and how it was published to the blockchain. In the Raw Data section, you'll see the body of your Thread (in my example, "Hello") and you'll also see a bunch of other data that is related to the Thread that you created.

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