"Medium on the blockchain"

Posts or "Blog Posts" are long-form content on the INLEO platform. If you know the history of INLEO, then you'll know that we actually started as a long-form only blogging platform. Long-form was a much easier platform to build (as compared to Threads). We call this "Medium on the blockchain".

Similar to the Web2 platform called Medium, anyone sign up to INLEO and publish long-form blog posts to their main feed / community feeds. Other users can read, interact with and upvote these blog posts.

Where we differ from Medium is in all the same ways Threads differs from X - user content is published immutably onto the blockchain and simultaneously is eligible to earn rewards that pay the user for their content.

When you publish a blog post, it becomes eligible to earn upvotes for 7 days. These upvotes earn you LEO and HIVE cryptocurrency rewards. In addition to these upvote-based rewards, you also earn Evergreen Rewards if you gain a certain number of views per month as part of the ad-sharing program. We call these Evergreen Rewards because Evergreen content - content that ranks well on search engines over long periods of time - tend to earn the most rewards from this contract.

Why Use INLEO to Blog?

Why would you use INLEO if you're already posting blogs on your own website, medium, substack or elsewhere?

There are lot of benefits to posting on INLEO. Many will actually cross-post to INLEO (or vice versa), utilizing their content from Their Own Site/Medium/Substack. INLEO provides three key benefits:

  1. Another way to monetize your content

  2. An avenue for building a larger following

  3. A database for storing your content where it cannot be taken from you


Communities play a big role in Blogging on INLEO. The best practice for building a following is to join an INLEO community that aligns with the type of content you create and then create content within that community while also engaging with other member content. You'll be able to quickly gain a following, earn upvotes and build your brand.

How to Blog on INLEO

Just sign up or sign in, then you'll see the big "Publish" button on the left-side of the screen (or the bottom right Pencil icon on mobile), you can't miss it!

The publisher page is relatively straightforward. Here is a short guide:

  1. Title - choose a catchy title for your blog post

  2. Body - type the body of your post. Our publisher uses Markdown formatting

  3. Community - a great way to get more eyeballs on your content is to choose a proper community to join/post to

  4. Tags - type some tags that represent the topics in your content

  5. Rewards, Beneficiaries, Scheduling - these are all optional things you can change. If this is your first post, then don't worry about these options. They are more so for advanced users

  6. Preview - on the right, you'll see a live preview while you type

  7. Menu - the 3 dot menu on the top of the page will give you more options like seeing your draft folder

Explore Blog Posts

Blog Posts are published to the "Articles" section of the platform. You can explore this section and the various content feeds to find interesting articles sorted by topic, trending, when they were created, etc.

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