LEO Liquidity Pools

Provide LEO liquidity and earn yield

Uniswap wLEO Pool (~19% APY)

On the Ethereum blockchain, Wrapped LEO (wLEO) can be deposited with ETH into a wLEO-ETH liquidity pool on the Uniswap platform - one of the largest Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) in the entire world.

This pool is incentivized via built-in AMM Swap Fees and also the LEO Geyser - which is a rewards system we built that distributes LEO 1x per month to Liquidity Providers. The current total APY is roughly 19%. Every time a user swaps wLEO or ETH, they pay a small fractional fee that is autonomously distributed to all the liquidity providers in the wLEO-ETH Pool.

In its current form, the Uniswap wLEO Pool favors larger amounts of capital (Whales) who add to the pool. This is due, in large part, to the gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

For most users, we recommend staking LEO as bLEO on https://cubdefi.com/farms to maximize your yearly ROI and minimize your gas fee costs.

If you're staking a large amount of LEO, then consider the wLEO-ETH Uniswap Pool.

bLEO Pool (18-37% APY)

LEO is a versatile asset that as of this writing, can be wrapped to three external blockchains along with living on its home blockchain - Hive - for a total of 4 blockchains. bLEO represents BEP20 LEO (BNB Smart Chain LEO) and users can seamlessly wrap native LEO into bLEO to utilize bLEO on Binance Smart Chain.

CubDeFi is a yield optimization app. The app allows you to stake bLEO into the bLEO-BNB or bHIVE-bLEO Liquidity Pool on https://cubdefi.com/farms and earn yield at 18-37% annualized. The yield is paid in two forms: from AMM swap fees and from CUB token emissions.

Beeswap LEO Pool (~3.3% APY)

In it's native form of LEO on the Hive blockchain, you can stake LEO with HIVE (SWAP.HIVE) on the Beeswap platform.

The Beeswap LEO:SWAP.HIVE pool is incentivized with their BXT token and is currently paying about 3.3%.

pLEO Pool

You can pool pLEO with MATIC on the Polygon Blockchain using the Sushiswap DEX and earn AMM swap fees.

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