3 Second, Fee-less On-Chain Engagement

In this section, we've now talked about Digital Identities and Immutable Content Storage. Both are vital to creating a truly democratized Digital Identity (brand) that cannot be taken away from you.

All of this is enabled by the Hive Blockchain. Hive is a decentralized blockchain database that is distributed all over the world. Witnesses (Block Validators) earn rewards for processing blocks in a transparent way.

Why Hive?

There are many blockchains out there but Hive has some unique qualities that enable something like INLEO to exist.

In order to build social media on the blockchain, we need fast and free transactions.

Hive has both. With 3 second block times and 0 gas fees, we are able to store data on the blockchain. As mentioned in previous sections, we have our own infrastructure layers that allow the frontend to work seamlessly. For example, you don't have to wait 3 seconds for an upvote to cast or a thread to post.

Instead, we queue these transactions up in LeoCache. These transactions are then published directly to the Hive blockchain as they reach their time in the queue. The queue is almost never full as every 3 seconds, we're able to push mountains of data to Hive. It's truly incredible what Hive has achieved and it enables our platform to exist in the way that it does.

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